for FOX 34 FLOAT
Factory & Performance

130-160 mm travel
(2016-2017, all wheel sizes,
2018 all NA 2 with 1.214 inch Bore)

The FOX 34 AWK is not compatible with TALAS forks and Speed Pedelec forks!



Please read these instructions carefully!
In case of doubt do not install the AWK unit.
Improper installation may cause malfunction, resulting in serious injury or death!
Modifying the AWK unit may cause system failure, resulting in serious injury or death!
Wear safety glasses and protective gloves
during installation and maintenance!


Tools needed

  • 26 mm and 28 mm socket

  • Torque wrench

  • Clean rag

  • Slick Honey grease, r.s.p. Slick Kick or similar

  • Shock pump


Service and Maintenance